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Case Study
The lady entrepreneur

Harden Enterprise Services LLC provided small business consulting and general service contracting (budgeting) for The Lady Entrepreneur. 


Clyde Harden
Tonya Harden


Small Business Consulting

The Problems

A diagnosis of the problems The Lady Entrepreneur faced BEFORE working with Harden Enterprise Services LLC.

Harden Enterprise Services LLC (HE) worked with The Lady Entrepreneur, more specifically her small business God’s Precious Creations Daycare which has just celebrated 10 years in business. 

Business Structure

Lacked consistency with the structure of the business


Business Strategy

Lacked a cohesive business strategy that allowed them to excel in meeting their vision and goals. 

Budgeting Structure

Lacked effective systems for money management 

“We lacked consistency with the structure of the business. Harden Enterprise Services LLC. helped us find our structure and now we have 5 thriving businesses.”

The Solutions

Harden Enterprise Services LLC (HE) helped The Lady Entrepreneur (TLE) build new policies that exceeded state requirements. These policies allowed TLE to meet a greater vision and goal.

HE assisted TLE in changing their pricing structure. With HE’s help, TLE eliminated revenue loss by increasing prices while retaining customers. This allowed TLE to grow at an accelerated rate. 

HE assisted TLE in establishing on-site renovations and presentations that were more effective in presenting TLE’s brand, mission, and goals. 

The Outcomes

The Lady Entrepreneur was able to take each of the processes and strategies HE provided to build and grow 5 thriving businesses. Each of these businesses functions on the same principles.

Thriving companies

years of excellent service

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